Led It Burn was created to respond to wide range of shows and entertainments. We propose unique products, like Fire shows, LED shows mixed with an array of some unseen equipments like LED droides who bring you to another level of perception and a highest quality of results.

This new collaboration of professionnals internationnals artists and performers combined boundless creativity with the desire to take the experience of fire, LED and trademarks branding to a level yet not reached by any other fire or LED groups !!! 

Let us bring you live this amazing experience across the GCC and world wide!

 Mathieu Blanloeuil


 My favourites aspect of the fire apart from spinning different kind of tools as to be close up fire eating and fire tricks which brings me right up close to my clients and gives me a personal relation with the public otherwise I am also well known for my fire breathing talents and I manipulate fire poi’s, fire triple poi’s, ropes, fire sword. My first experience with fire was created in Ibiza in 1996 with the show  called Cleopatra which will stay always as a major event as it give me the passion of fire arts and kept with me till today! Other more recent events in between all the great names and places across the middle east I have performed I have really enjoyed doing Dubai Film Festival along side Cirquo de Bakuza ex Cirque du soleil which was a great experience. Also having performed for high members of the Royal Families across the GCC including The Maktoom family,  al Qasimi family, Zaid Family etc and other major brand names.My speciality’s definitely have to be fire blowing and fire human torch which includes fire burning in bear hands and arms and also fire burning out of my mouth without any fire support!!!

Christina Sprengel


I love to use fire poi’s, fire fans, fire Diabolo, fire ropes and I am learning new tools all the time exploring the unlimitless boundaries that fire dancing as to offer.

My Greatest experiences yet is having performed for some very important members of the royal families here across the GCC, Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc... but I also love performing in desert camps for the proximity with the audience and the more relax atmosphere we find there.

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